Literary Visuality

Exploring the Visual Qualities of Literature


Welcome to the Literary Visuality blog where the visual qualities of literature and its intersections with art are explored (and then some).

I am a final year PhD candidate at the School of EnglishUniversity College Cork (UCC), Ireland.  During the 2011-12 academic year, I was an IRCHSS Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholar and I am thankful to the Irish Research Council for supporting my research.  I am a founding editorial board member for the postgraduate journal Aigne and have taught both English and European Art History at UCC. From January 2013 I co-taught a second year undergraduate seminar in Irish Gothic literature, in addition to teaching my own seminar in early twentieth century literary visuality, both at UCC.

My research interests include modernist literature, Irish writing, book history and literary visuality, in addition to art history. My doctoral thesis is entitled Verbal Painting: Elizabeth Bowen and the Art of Visuality and addresses the Anglo-Irish author’s unique modernist literary technique, that of verbal painting.

I am also currently collaborating (with Shane Lordan) on The Samuel Forde Project, a spotlight on a little-known and tragic artistic genius.

All posts on this blog are written by me unless reblogged or otherwise stated. All opinions and research are my own unless otherwise attributed.

I welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy this journey into literary visuality…

Michael Waldron


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