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World Art Day: Samuel Forde in Context

A snapshot from an artist’s diary and a world of art…

The Samuel Forde Project

To celebrate World Art Day (15 April) we thought we’d do something a little bit different…

As an historical, art historical and literary hybrid, our project’s date range is relatively neat, spanning the length of Irish artist Samuel Forde’s twenty-three-year life from April 1805 to June 1828. Less than half of that life was given over to artistic activity, while Forde’s active career is represented by a still shorter period of three to four years. The wider scope of our project is to explore the artistic and literary cultures that Forde fed out of and, indeed, fed into and while much of that research is yet to be done, here’s a little taster of the artist in context.

Although, as of yet, we know comparatively little of Forde’s early life and influences, native Cork artists James Barry (1741-1806) and Nathaniel Grogan (1740-1807) were active right up until his birth, while Daniel Maclise (1806-70) and…

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